Sunday, April 02, 2017

Five YA novels that celebrate what it means to be a fan

At the BN Teen Blog Gabriella Abbate tagged five YA novels that "celebrate what it means to be a fan, to belong to a group of people who adore the same thing, and will do absolutely anything to honor it," including:
Grace and the Fever, by Zan Romanoff

Everyone loves Fever Dream…at least in middle school they did. They all moved on from the teenybopper band once they hit high school—everyone except Grace, who still runs a secret online blog about her favorite fandom. When Grace meets Jes, a member of Fever Dream, her world begins to diverge even more than her IRL/secret blog identities did before. Now she’s got to decide between being an honest friend to Jes or satisfying her fan base, while also living the life of a normal girl turned celebrity.

Grace and the Fever depicts the real world consequences of investing in a person you don’t really know, believing in their facade and making them out to be bigger than they are. It offers a lesson similar to that of Paper Towns: that people are just people, and we all have the ability to amaze and disappoint.
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--Marshal Zeringue