Thursday, September 01, 2016

Marc Raboy's "Marconi," the movie

Featured at My Book, The Movie: Marconi: The Man Who Networked the World by Marc Raboy.

The entry begins:
Marconi [Leonardo DiCaprio, the way he played J. Edgar Hoover] was as big as Citizen Kane, so the film opens with a “Rosebud” scene. He is on his deathbed, in Rome, on July 20, 1937:

It had been a sweltering day, one of those days where the city shuts down but for the most urgent, or the most frivolous, affairs. In mid-morning he had seen his young wife [Kristen Stewart] and seven-year-old daughter [Mia Talerico] off to the seaside. The next day was the child’s birthday and he was planning to join them. Then he went to the office, met with Solari [F. Murray Abraham], his associate of the past 35 years. The country was in turmoil and business was not going as well as he would have liked, but that’s the way it was. The political situation was more worrisome. He had an appointment to see Mussolini [Anthony Hopkins] at six o’clock. Around five, he returned home where his secretary, Di Marco [Mark Rylance], was waiting, with the day’s correspondence ready to sign. But as he mounted the stairs he was struck by a sharp pain in his chest, staggered, and nearly fell. Two men had to help him to his room. Di Marco called the Palazzo Venezia; he...[read on]
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My Book, The Movie: Marconi: The Man Who Networked the World.

--Marshal Zeringue