Wednesday, September 14, 2016

What is Robert Wilder reading?

Featured at Writers Read: Robert Wilder, author of Nickel.

His entry begins:
Every summer I teach (and reread) Gregory Martin’s Stories for Boys. It’s a smart and moving memoir about Greg’s roles as son, father, and husband in the wake of a family eruption. Teacher and writer Greg Martin believes he had a terrific childhood with two loving and committed parents until his mother calls to say that his historically affable father attempted suicide. When Greg needs to know why, his mother replies, “You better come ask him yourself.” Greg visits his father in the hospital and a big secret is revealed: his father has had gay anonymous sex secretly his entire life. The rest of the memoir wrestles with how Greg can forgive (and accept) his father, comfort his mother, and tell his two young sons about...[read on]
About Nickel, from the publisher:
A STORY ABOUT LOVE, LOSS, AND LOYALTY. Being a teenager is hard enough without your mother in rehab and your slightly inept stepfather doing his best not to screw things up. But at least, Coy has Monroe. Coy is a quirky teenage boy and his best friend Monroe is a girl who is just as odd and funny and obsessed with 80’s culture as he is. So when Monroe comes down with a mysterious illness, his inner turmoil only grows. As Monroe gets sicker and Coy gets a girlfriend from another social crowd, the balance tips and Coy has to figure out how not to give up on his friend, his family, or himself. Nickel is a hilarious, heartbreaking and honest portrayal of the complicated world of being a teenager today.
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