Monday, November 02, 2015

Coffee with a canine: Kristine Smith & Gaby

Featured at Coffee with a Canine: Kristine Smith (AKA Alex Gordon) & Gaby.

The author, on Gaby's influence on her work:
I'm a morning writer, but before I am able to sit down and work, I have to take Gaby for a morning walk. We walk 4-5 miles, 5 days a week, weather permitting. She loves it, and even though I lose chair time, it really does do me a world of good both physically and mentally. I have worked out more sticky plot issues during these walks than I ever did while sitting at a desk. Something about the fresh air and the ability to...[read on]
About Alex Gordon's Gideon, from the publisher:
Preston & Child meets Kim Harrison in this edge-of-your-seat debut thriller—a superb blend of mystery, urban fantasy, horror, romance, and the supernatural.

When Lauren’s father dies, she makes a shocking discovery. The man she knew as John Reardon was once a completely different person, with a different name. Now, she’s determined to find out who he really was, even though her only clues are an old photograph, some letters, and the name of a town—Gideon.

But someone—or something—doesn’t want her to discover the truth. A strange man is stalking her, appearing everywhere she turns, and those who try to help her end up dead. Neither a shadowy enemy nor her own fear are going to prevent her from solving the mystery of her father—and unlocking the secrets of her own life.

Making her way to Gideon, Lauren finds herself more confused than ever. Nothing in this small Midwestern town is what it seems, including time itself. Residents start going missing, and Lauren is threatened by almost every townsperson she encounters. Two hundred years ago, a witch was burned at the stake, but in Gideon, the past feels all too chillingly present...
Visit Alex Gordon's website and Kristine Smith's website.

Coffee with a Canine: Kristine Smith & Gaby.

--Marshal Zeringue