Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Six top fictional evil geniuses

At B & N Reads Monique Alice tagged six great fictional evil geniuses, including:
The Dunnes (Gone Girl, by Gillian Flynn)

Do you know evil when you see it? If you answered yes, Gone Girl will put you to the test. Fans of the book know just one Dunne is the mastermind here—but it takes you half the book to figure out which one. Is it Nick, the cavalier, potentially abusive, smarmy womanizer? Or is it Amy, the self-absorbed, spoiled, big-city rich girl? Both of their perspectives are so hauntingly earnest and genuine, it’s a slap in the reader’s face when the villain(-ess?) is finally unmasked. Clearly, hiding in plain sight is the hallmark of a true evil genius.
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--Marshal Zeringue