Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Judith Kelman's "The First Stone"

With millions of copies of her books already in print, Judith Kelman's new novel The First Stone debuts today.

The First Stone is featured on three CftAR sites, a first for the blog:
About the book, from the publisher:
He's a world-renowned, brilliant cardiac surgeon.But since Dr. Malik moved in upstairs with his family, Emma has started to wonder what kind of a man he really is. On quiet nights, home alone with her three-year-old, pregnant Emma can hear muffled thumps and screams from the apartment above and pleading words in a little girl's voice. If she reports Dr. Malik, she might put her own husband's career on the line. But the sounds from the apartment above keep haunting her, until she confides in a friend.

Soon, Malik becomes the target of an investigation. When he discovers the role Emma played in it, her life begins to unravel. And just as she is about to bring a new life into the world, she starts to fear for her own.
--Marshal Zeringue