Monday, September 11, 2023

What is Chris Nickson reading?

Featured at Writers Read: Chris Nickson, author of Rusted Souls (A Tom Harper Mystery, 11).

His entry begins:
Although born and raised in Britain, and now back living there, I spent three decades in the US. As a music journalist I was very aware of Britpop in the 90s, and reviewed a fair bit of it. But I didn't have the story in a British context. Reading Daniel Rachel's Don't Look Back In Anger, which covers the entire Cool Britannia period of the 90s, along with Animal House by James Brown, the story of his magazine, Loaded, and Dylan Jones's Faster Than A Cannonball: 1995 And All That (which covers more than just that year) gives me a full picture of a time I never...[read on]
About Rusted Souls, from the publisher:
Retirement beckons for Chief Constable Tom Harper. Can he stop a spiralling crime spree involving love letters, robbery and murder before he hangs up his boots for good?

Leeds, 1920.
Chief Constable Tom Harper of Leeds City Police has just six weeks left in the role before his well-earned retirement. But even though his distinguished forty-year career is ending, the crime and mayhem on the city’s streets continues.

Council leader Alderman Thompson is being blackmailed. He wants Harper to find the love letters he sent to a young woman called Charlotte Radcliffe and return them discreetly. Elsewhere, masked, armed robbers are targeting jewellery shops in the city, and an organized gang of shoplifters is set to descend on Leeds. As events threaten to spiral out of control, Harper battles to restore justice and order to the streets of Leeds one last time.
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