Friday, August 02, 2019

Six fantasy books that infuse the real cities in which they’re set with new magic

At the B&N Sci-Fi & Fantasy blog, Nicole Hill tagged six fantasy novels that infuse the real cities in which they're set with new magic, including:
Smoke, by Dan Vyleta

Consider one of London’s most historically prominent qualities—its smog, its pollution, its impurities—and you can easily see the genesis of Dan Vyleta’s inventive and suspenseful literary fantasy. In an alternate England, all the wickedness inside you, down to every last vile thought, issues from your body in a physical plume of smoke. What results is a class system, where the wealthy who master the art of controlling their smoke rise to the top and reside in pristine country estates, while the streets of London teem with the bilious smog of its low-rung workers and families. Set against two boys’ quest for truth at an upper-crust boarding school, the story finds a new way to skewer Victorian proprieties.
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--Marshal Zeringue