Sunday, June 23, 2019

Ten top books about contemporary artists

Barbara Bourland is the author of the critically acclaimed I’ll Eat When I’m Dead, a Refinery29 Best Book of 2017 and an Irish Independent Book of the Year, and the newly released Fake Like Me.

At Publishers Weekly she tagged ten essential books about contemporary artists, including:
Just Kids by Patti Smith

As someone who has never once connected with the music of Patti Smith (I’ve even seen her perform in small rooms and felt… nothing), I didn’t expect to love this memoir about her friendship with photographer Robert Mapplethorpe as much as I did, but it is a beautiful story of what it means to be friends with someone who is truly talented, and it will leave an ache in your stomach, a bittersweet nostalgia for those early friendships with magic wizards, the kind of people who can put a feather on top of a rock and pronounce it profound without being wrong.
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Just Kids is among Dana Czapnik's favorite novels featuring kids or young adults coming of age in cities and Dan Holmes's twenty best memoirs written by musicians.

--Marshal Zeringue