Friday, January 13, 2017

Five top books on media and government

Derek B. Miller's new novel is The Girl in Green. One of his five recommended books on media and government, as shared at Publishers Weekly:
Lights, Camera, War: Is Media Technology Driving International Politics? by Johanna Neuman (1996)

Neuman was a White House correspondent, and twenty years ago she rightly wondered about who is leading whom in politics—if it's the media or the government. With Trump coming to power and what is likely to be an assault on free speech, free freedom, and media access (by controlling access to the White House, using favoritism as a carrot and threats as a stick, at the very least), Neuman helps us—like Mindich—see the big picture. Neuman helps us remember that all the discussions about "time and space shrinking" because of social media are almost exactly the conversations we had about the telegraph. We need this perspective, otherwise we'll ignore voices and ideas from the pre-Internet era at our peril.
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--Marshal Zeringue