Sunday, September 18, 2016

Seven YA characters having a tough back to school season

Eric Smith is the author of The Geek’s Guide to Dating and Inked. One of seven "recent YA reads with teens having a way worse start to the school year than you are" he tagged at the BN Teen blog:
Those Girls, by Lauren Saft

I’m a sucker for a good shifting point of view novel, and Lauren Saft’s debut is a great one. It’s the start of junior year, and three best friends, Alex, Mollie, and Veronica, are going to face challenges that might rip apart their little clique. And each of their secrets holds a bit of darkness, from a potentially abusive boyfriend adored by the entire school to Veronica’s desperation for love and attention, it’s a brutally raw book about being a teen. If you’re looking for toxic friendship books, this is one of the best and a personal favorite.
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My Book, The Movie: Those Girls.

--Marshal Zeringue