Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Five books featuring adventuring parties

At Adrian Tchaikovsky tagged five books featuring adventuring parties--"an ensemble cast with a particular feel to it—that mix of clashing characters and different skillsets." One entry on the list:
God’s War by Kameron Hurley

When the wizard is the nice guy because everyone else is awful and a cyborg and it’s all covered in giant genetically-engineered bees.

I hadn’t intended it, but Hurley’s SF series seems like the culmination of everything else on the list. It’s a bitter world, and Nyx and her crew are bitter, bitter people, betrayed by their patrons whom they betray in turn at the drop of a hat. Nyx is the warrior, making up in skills and general horribleness for what she lacks in youthful energy. Accompanying her are is a mage, a shapechanger, rogues, rangers… None of it is styled in these RPG terms, but the books would make for a fantastic RPG setting.
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God’s War is among Joel Cunningham's seven top sci-fi books featuring strong women.

My Book, The Movie: God’s War and Infidel.

--Marshal Zeringue