Thursday, September 24, 2015

Twenty page-turners every twentysomething woman should read

At Cosmopolitan Meave Gallagher tagged twenty gripping page-turners every twentysomething woman should read, including:
The Fever by Megan Abbott (2014)

Based on a real-life outbreak of unexplained physical ailments in teenage girls, Megan Abbott's The Fever unspools in a fantastical, creepy, frightening way. So many books try to explain the secret lives of teenage girls, and The Fever succeeds at capturing them, at least at a certain angle. Abbott is a master of the unsettling and upsetting, and The Fever grips you in its mania until its final pages.
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The Fever is among Emily Temple's fifty best novels about madness, Laura Lippman's four favorite reads of 2014, Christopher Shultz's top ten literary chillers where literary fiction and horror converge and Anna Fitzpatrick's four top horror stories set in the real universe of girlhood.

My Book, The Movie: The Fever.

--Marshal Zeringue