Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Four recent YA retellings of classics

At The Barnes & Noble Book Blog Sabrina Rojas Weiss tagged four recent Young Adult retellings of classic works, including:
Conversion, by Katherine Howe (Based on The Crucible, by Arthur Miller)

The original: After Puritan girls from Salem, Massachusetts, are caught dancing in a forest with a slave girl, one falls into a coma. Accusations of communing with the devil and practicing witchcraft fly, and though a man who had an affair with one of the girls knows they’re frauds, he acts too late to set things right.

Howe’s take: Modern-day high school senior Colleen starts doing research on the Salem witch trials and The Crucible after girls in her class begin having seizures and other odd symptoms. In between chapters from Colleen’s perspective are interludes from 1706, when a girl named Ann has a confession to make. With both stories moving along parallel to each other, the novel avoids readers predicting whether it will end like the original.
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Writers Read: Katherine Howe (February 2013).

--Marshal Zeringue