Monday, September 08, 2014

Top ten underwater science fiction books

One of the ten top underwater science fiction books, at The Best Sci Fi Books:
by Peter Watts – 1999

Emotionally damaged people are sent to work next to a giant rift in the ocean floor, harvesting energy for surface dwellers. The workers are a bio-engineered crew—people who have been altered to withstand the pressure and breathe the seawater to work in this weird, fertile undersea darkness.

This book taught me that you can make a protagonist as crazy as you want, as long as what she’s battling against is even crazier.

Brilliant, twisted fun by an ex-marine biologist. Go read it.
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Starfish is the first book in the Rifters trilogy.

My Book, The Movie: Peter Watts's Rifters trilogy.

--Marshal Zeringue