Thursday, April 10, 2014

Coffee with a canine: Holly Robinson & Leo

Featured at Coffee with a Canine: Holly Robinson & Leo.

The author, on how she and Leo were united:
When my oldest son went to college, his younger brother and I were so bereft that the only thing we could think of to cheer us up was a puppy. My son was determined to have a Pekingese after seeing one in a Florida pet store—the kind where the dogs sleep in cribs and have ribbons in their hair. I assured him there were no Pekingese anywhere in Massachusetts, because I didn't want such a dumb, useless seeming dog (I grew up with mutts). But lo and behold, he spotted a white puff of a Peke puppy...[read on]
About the book, from the publisher:
“Your brother should know the truth.”

These are the last cryptic words that Ava Barrett’s father says before he dies. But Ava doesn’t have a brother, as far as she knows, so how can she tell him the truth? She dismisses the conversation and dedicates herself to bringing her family together for her father’s funeral. This is no easy task, since her sister, Elaine, has been estranged from the family and still harbors resentment against their stepmother and half-sister, Gigi. Ava, on the other hand, is a single mother who sees Gigi as a troubled teen in need of love and connection.

Ava, too, could use more love in her life and finds it where she least expects it. But the biggest surprise of all is that Gigi holds the key to the mystery surrounding her father’s dying words, and joins Ava in uncovering a secret that rapidly unravels the very fabric of their entire family…
Learn more about the book and author at Holly Robinson's website.

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