Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Ten top crime novels of 2013

J. Kingston Pierce is both the editor of The Rap Sheet and the senior editor of January Magazine.

At Kirkus he shared his ten favorite crime novels published in 2013, including:
Norwegian by Night, by Derek B. Miller: At 82 years old, Sheldon “Donny” Horowitz is a retired, widowed and Jewish watch repairman living well out of his element. His beloved granddaughter, Rhea, has moved him from New York City to Oslo to be with her and her new Norwegian husband, Lars. She fears that Sheldon—congenitally insolent and cranky in often comic measures—is fast slipping into dementia, since he claims to have been a sniper in the Korean War, rather than a mere file clerk. But after a Kosovar war criminal murders Sheldon’s neighbor and tries to take her son, it falls to our octogenarian philosopher-hero to flee with that boy, dodging cops and killers and, if disaster doesn’t intervene, finally deliver himself from the guilt he’s borne for his own son’s death. Ripe with memories of wars long ago fought and regrets insurmountable, this is a remarkably moving, memorable debut thriller.
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Writers Read: Derek Miller.

--Marshal Zeringue