Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Coffee with a canine: Dayna Lorentz & Peter and Kerry

Now showing at Coffee with a Canine: Dayna Lorentz and Peter and Kerry.

The author, on how her dogs got their names:
Peter got his name from the foster mother who cared for him. We liked the name and kept it. He is most commonly referred to as Peetles or my Bud-dog, though recently I’ve taken to calling him Budsy-woofer.

Kerry’s full name is Kerry Edwards because we got her right before the 2004 election and were hoping that naming the dog this way would swing the election in our favor. She is called the Bird-dog because when we first got her and tried to crate train her, she would whistle like a bird when left in the crate. It was...[read on]
About Lorentz's Dogs of the Drowned City series:
Follow the adventures of Shep and his packmates as they struggle to survive a city-killing hurricane, only to have to fight wild dogs and other scavenging beasts for food and shelter in the drowned city that remains. Unlikely alliances are forged—between big dogs and yappers, between young pups and old timers, even between cats and dogs!—and each pet’s mettle tested in this tale of adventure, survival, and friendship. Ultimately, each survivor must choose his own path and discover what it means to go home when the only home he knew has been taken from him.
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--Marshal Zeringue