Thursday, July 26, 2012

What is Scott Lasser reading?

The current featured contributor at Writers Read: Scott Lasser, author of Say Nice Things About Detroit.

His entry begins:
I find that an unexpected benefit of attending a summer writers’ conference is that I explore certain books because I might actually meet the author. It was through this process that I came to Benjamin Percy’s first novel, The Wilding. At its heart it’s the story of a grandfather, father, and son who go on a camping trip in eastern Oregon. But it’s much more than that: the pristine land through which they’re traveling is about to be...[read on]
About Say Nice Things About Detroit, from the publisher:
A novel about second chances from a writer of "stirring, poignant, and profound" work (Wally Lamb).

Twenty-five years after his high school graduation, David Halpert returns to a place that most people flee. But David is making his own escape—from his divorce and the death of his son. In Detroit, David learns about the double shooting of his high school girlfriend Natalie and her black half-brother, Dirk. As David becomes involved with Natalie’s sister, he will discover that both he and his hometown have reasons to hope.

As compelling an urban portrait as The Wire and a touching love story, Say Nice Things About Detroit takes place in a racially polarized, economically collapsing city that doesn't seem like a place for rebirth. But as David tries to make sense of the mystery behind Natalie’s death and puts back the pieces of his own life, he is forced to answer a simple question: if you want to go home again, what do you do if home is Detroit?
Learn more about the author and his work at Scott Lasser's website and blog.

Lasser is the author of three previous novels: Battle Creek, All I Could Get, and The Year That Follows. He recently completed a screenplay adaptation of Say Nice Things About Detroit for Steve Carell’s Carousel Productions.

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The Page 69 Test: Say Nice Things About Detroit.

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