Monday, August 16, 2010

What is Matthew Dicks reading?

The current featured contributor at Writers Read: Matthew Dicks, author of the novels Something Missing and Unexpectedly, Milo.

His entry begins:
The combination of my English major background and a childhood spent playing video games necessitates the reading of several books at one time. As an English major, it was a requirement to walk around with a stack of books, and as a video game player, I fear that my attention span is somewhat lacking. As a result, I enjoy flipping between as many as half a dozen books at a time.

At the moment, I am reading the following books:

Super Sad True Love Story, by Gary Shteyngart, which was just chosen as our next book club novel. The book club member who was responsible for the choosing this month knows nothing about the book, so we are all diving in blind. I’m about ten pages in, and thus far I...[read on]
Among the early priase for Mathew Dicks' Unexpectedly, Milo:
"An adventure of a summer read you’ll never put down."
--Daily Candy

"Reading a Matthew Dicks novel always proves to be an unadulterated joy, and Unexpectedly, Milo, is no exception. Dicks’ gift lies in his ability to take superficially eccentric characters and dig beneath their peculiarities to develop full-bodied, lovable human beings. Rather than feeling gimmicky, Dicks' approach to his his characters’ off-center habits provides insight into broader truths on human nature and the things that make us tick. Readers join Milo on a riveting and tender voyage into the heart of insecurity—the fear we all carry inside us that no one will ever truly accept us for who we are. Filled with humor and sweetness, Unexpectedly, Milo reminds us that happiness can be found in the strangest of places."
Matthew Dicks' website and Facebook page.

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Writers Read: Matthew Dicks.

--Marshal Zeringue