Saturday, March 27, 2010

What is Stephanie Dickison reading?

This weekend's featured contributor at Writers Read: Stephanie Dickison, author of The 30-Second Commute: A Non-Fiction Comedy About Writing & Working From Home.

Her entry begins:
When I’m not writing or cooking, eating or walking, I can be found at my local library, picking up the mass amount of books I’ve put on hold, or on the couch, dipping into the next title on the pile.

Before I wrote full-time, I read 10 books a month. Now I average around 3, though I wish it was still 10. Most of my reading is done before bed. And now that I’m running 2 book clubs, my reading list is comprised mostly of what’s on the list (though the teetering pile beside the couch in the living room keeps me hopeful that eventually I’ll get to all those other titles before their due dates).

I think you can tell as much about a person by what they read as what’s in their wallet.

The titles for March and April so far, are:

I have a food book club where I’ve picked books about food and then I choose a restaurant based on the book and we have our discussion there. I’ve just completed reading The Tenth Muse by Judith Jones and...[read on]
Stephanie Dickison's latest book, The 30-Second Commute: A Non-Fiction Comedy About Writing & Working From Home, is about her career as pop culture, book, music and restaurant critic.

Among the early praise for The 30-Second Commute:
“This is for anyone who’s ever wondered what we freelance writers do all day. Stephanie Dickison airs all our dirty laundry – from the crazy hours to the procrastination temptation to the seemingly impossible juggle of assignments, finances, and personal life. Reading this hilarious book is like picking the brain of a cherished writing mentor – one who makes you snort your latte out of your nose.”
--Michelle Goodman, author of My So-Called Freelance Life and The Anti 9-to-5-Guide

“I loved reading The 30-Second Commute immensely. This book is timeless and has monstrous personality. Stephanie’s confidence and commitment to her art quickly walks off the pages and directly into your heart. As a songwriter I relate to her, as a musician, I’ve learned from her, and as a woman I appreciate her. It’s fun and feisty, yet charismatic and classy.”
--Jully Black, Juno Award-winning R&B singer/songwriter

“Honest, insightful and a lot of fun. Stephanie has that rare ability to make reading The 30-Second Commute feel like having a great lunch with a good friend.”
--John McFetridge, author of Dirty Sweet, Everybody Knows This is Nowhere, and Let It Ride
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Writers Read: Stephanie Dickison.

--Marshal Zeringue