Tuesday, March 10, 2009

What is David Schloss reading?

The current featured contributor to Writers Read: David Schloss, author of Group Portrait From Hell and other books and poems.

From his entry:
I've been too busy with textbook readings for my teaching lately, the only new poetry book (beyond poems in magazines) I've read in weeks is Michelle Boisseau's A Sunday in God-Years. She'll be reading at my school in April, so I thought I'd familiarize myself with her most recent work beforehand.

I'd read Michelle Boisseau's other three books and saw her read once in the past. This one is her most impressive. I've been reading it with delight and jealousy of her poetic gifts. The 'worlds' she regards seem more vividly real, though they are often imagined ones, than most contemporaries'... This book's grand project of inhabiting the past and others' worlds in imaginative projection, while sustaining a clear and honestly direct lyrical observation of the real world (her word for it is: "the transitory") is --and always has been, in fact--remarkable in her poems. "Celebrations," even of the darknesses, because the human struggle is equally apportioned to all her characters, including the non-human (cows, God, crows, etc) with an equitable embrace...[read on]
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Writers Read: David Schloss.

--Marshal Zeringue