Sunday, February 01, 2009

What is Jane Lindskold reading?

The current featured contributor to Writers Read: Jane Lindskold, bestselling author of the Wolf series, which began with Through Wolf’s Eyes and concluded with Wolf’s Blood, as well as many other fantasy novels.

Her latest novel is Thirteen Orphans.

Lindskold's entry begins:
I’m an avid reader. I read fiction. I read non-fiction. I read manga. When I can’t find a way to interact with actual print fiction, I listen to recorded books.

What follows is a quick look at a sample of the books I’ve enjoyed the most over the last month or so.

In fiction, three titles immediately spring to mind. The first is Implied Spaces by Walter Jon Williams. This novel is a wild trip into a Vingean future where computers are intelligent, and evolved humanity is taking advantage of virtual realities sustained by these computers to explore an amazing variety of life-styles.

There’s more than a little indebtedness to Roger Zelazny in Implied Spaces, especially Zelazny novels such as Lord of Light and Isle of the Dead, but Williams makes no effort to hide this debt. Those who know Zelazny’s work will find the author’s polite bow fairly quickly. Acknowledging Williams’s debt to both Vernor Vinge and Roger Zelazny isn’t to say that Williams’s novel is derivative. It isn’t. His plot is his own; his characters buzz with his own unique energy. A good book for any reader, familiar or not with this author’s work.[read on]
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