Thursday, October 16, 2008

Lin Anderson's "Easy Kill," the movie

Now showing at My Book, The Movie: Lin Anderson's Easy Kill.

Anderson's entry begins:
Easy Kill is the latest book in my crime thriller series starring forensic scientist Rhona MacLeod. Readers tend to stay with a series because they grow fond of the characters and want to know what happens to them next. The crime is important but essentially a crime book is about the character rather than the crime. Being asked to come up with someone to play Rhona is intriguing but fraught with difficulty. Let me tell you why. Nowhere in the books does it tell you what Rhona looks like. When I ask my audience at author events, everyone has their own Rhona MacLeod and they often argue with one another’s version. They’re all in agreement with her character traits but not what she looks like. That’s great, because if you give your readers room to put a bit of themselves in a character they make her their own.[read on]
Read more about the author and her work at Lin Anderson's website and the official Rhona MacLeod website.

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My Book, The Movie: Easy Kill.

--Marshal Zeringue