Sunday, August 24, 2008

Pg. 69: Lisa Black's "Takeover"

The current feature at the Page 69 Test: Takeover by Lisa Black.

About the book, from the publisher:
In the tradition of Kathy Reichs and Jeffery Deaver, a talented novelist introduces a gutsy forensic investigator caught in the middle of an explosive crisis

Early one Thursday morning, forensic scientist Theresa MacLean is called to the scene of a gruesome murder. The body of a man has been found on the front lawn of a house in suburban Cleveland, the back of his head bashed in. Although it's not the best start to her day, Theresa has been through worse. What unfolds during the next eight hours, though, is nothing she could ever have imagined.

Downtown at the Federal Reserve Bank, her police detective fiancé is taken hostage with six others in a robbery masterminded by two clever criminals. When she arrives at the scene, Theresa discovers that the police have brought in the city's best hostage negotiator: handsome, high-profile Chris Cavanaugh. He hasn't lost a victim yet, but Theresa wonders if he might be too arrogant to save the day this time around.

When her fiancé is injured, she seizes the opportunity to trade places with him. Once on the inside, she will use all her wiles, experience, and technical skills to gain control of the situation. But what initially appears to be a bank heist turns into something far more complex and deadly, and Theresa must decide how much more she is willing to sacrifice in order to save the lives of innocent people as well as her own.
Among the early praise for Takeover:
"Takeover is a riveting hostage drama packed with surprises. Once Lisa Black gets you inside the bank, you - like the bad guys - won't be able to stop."
--Peter Abrahams, author of The Fan and The Tutor

"Prepare to be taken hostage. Lisa Black tells a compelling story of intrigue, tested relationships, and false leads that gain momentum like a bag of marbles spilled at the top of the stairs. There's no way all those marbles can come back together at the end, and yet, in Black's skillful hands you're in for a surprise. Takeover is captivating. Part procedural, part psychological suspense, and every inch a thriller, Takeover succeeds from the opening chapter. Lisa Black is a gifted storyteller--she excels at bait-and-switch, leaving the reader frantically turning pages. Takeover takes place in the Federal Reserve, but there's nothing reserved in Lisa Black's
charged narrative. Pick up this book, and prepare to invest an entire evening. It's that good."
--Ridley Pearson, author of bestselling crime novels and the Lou Boldt series

"... it is obvious that Lisa Black is a professional and knows what she is writing about. An exciting
story that is hard to put down. Takeover goes into detail on how a hostage negotiation is conducted and on the many problems that can occur when the established rules are not followed. Interesting and educational."
--Dr. Bill Bass, forensic anthropologist at the University of Tennessee and co-author of bestselling thrillers under the name Jefferson Bass

"Make room for another gutsy forensic pathologist unwilling to stay put in her lab. Theresa MacLean is horrified when the banker found murdered in his driveway connects, just a few hours later, to a bank hostage situation at the Federal Reserve Bank in downtown Cleveland. Why does her fiancé, detective Paul Cleary, have to be one of the hostages being held by two men who are either incredibly stupid (who robs the Federal Reserve?) or very much clued in to the bank's unique delivery patterns? After a few tense hours observing from the command post across the street, Theresa impulsively defies the hostage negotiator's protocol and swaps places with her wounded fiancé. Now on the inside, she uses her keen observational skills and gains a clearer idea of the robbers' motives. Human behavior, unpredictable as always, forces the hand of the robbers, and the situation escalates messily. Theresa is caught in a harrowing conclusion-car chase and all. Fans of Tess Gerritsen's Jane Rizzoli and Maura Isles novels will enjoy this debut thriller by a forensic specialist for its steady suspense, female intuition, and distinctive venue. A terrific vacation read...."
--Teresa L. Jacobsen, Library Journal
Learn more about Takeover and the author at Lisa Black's website.

Lisa Black is a member of the American Academy of Forensic Sciences and has been certified by the American Board of Criminalistics.

The Page 69 Test: Takeover.

--Marshal Zeringue