Friday, December 14, 2007

Pg. 69: Michael Dobbs' "The Lords’ Day"

The current feature at the Page 69 Test: Michael Dobbs' The Lords’ Day.

About the book, from the author's website:
It was unthinkable, a nightmare to which no one would give a name. Until the day it happened...

The State Opening of Parliament. The most magnificent royal occasion of the year. The Queen, her Cabinet and all the most powerful people in the land are gathering in one room, the House of Lords. And none of them know they are about to endure the most terrifying day of their lives. Not all of them will survive.

And sitting amongst the hostages are two young men, the sons of the British Prime Minister and the US President. It creates the cruellest challenge any leader could face. As the world watches on live television and holds its breath, President and Prime Minister are torn in two between their duty as statesmen, and their love as parents.

Yet others have their agendas, too, not least of them Harry Jones, a man who is already undergoing the worst day of his life when he becomes swept up in the maelstrom. What can he do about this act of terrorism when the most powerful people are rendered helpless? He can ask one simple question - why?

In an innovative thriller that breaks all the rules, Michael Dobbs gives us the drama of the greatest siege since Troy. A tale of terror, sacrifice, and ultimately love.

Among the praise for The Lords’ Day:

"Fascinating and pretty frightening stuff."
--Frederick Forsyth

"Why did Michael Dobbs waste his time being deputy chairman of the Conservative Party and deputy chairman of Saatchi & Saatchi? Or spend valuable years as a journalist and TV presenter? He was clearly put on this earth to write thrillers of the most shamelessly page-turning quality - such as The Lords' Day. He screws the accelerating tension so tight that most readers will be consuming this in just two or three sittings... and all handled with the panache we expect from Dobbs."
--Daily Express

"The best kind of British thriller."
--The Guardian

"A brilliant drama... His reputation as Britain's foremost exponent of the pacy, shock-inducing thriller is more than maintained. Not a foot put wrong, not a hair out of place. One of the most daring scenarios ever attempted in a work of fiction."
--Press Association

"A gripping tale which leaves behind deeply uncomfortable thoughts, not only about the vulnerability of our institutions but also about guilt, responsibility and revenge."
--Literary Review.

"Exciting and unpredictable."
--Sunday Telegraph.

"The plot is riveting... The scenes in the Cabinet Office during the emergency discussions are gripping... A first rate tale - Dobbs's thrill chamber!"
--Sunday Express.

"The narrative is admirably handled and the book is gripping... the pace is unrelenting."
--The Scotsman

Learn more about The Lords’ Day and Michael Dobbs and his other books.

Michael Dobbs served as Chief of Staff to British Prime Ministers Margaret Thatcher and John Major and was Deputy Chairman of the Conservative Party in the mid-1990s. His many books include House of Cards, the first in what would become a trilogy of political thrillers based on the character Francis Urquhart.

The Page 69 Test: The Lords’ Day.

--Marshal Zeringue