Tuesday, February 14, 2006

About the blog

The goal of this blog is to inspire more people to spend more time reading books. I'll try to do that by shining a little light on books that I like and think others might find worthy of their time and attention.

I'll also ask some interesting people about what books they find interesting or useful.

Most of us don’t need any encouragement to read more—we need more time.

Yet encouragement does work for many people; and if you doubt that claim, I have two syllables for you: O-prah.

And it’s not only Oprah, who created regular readers out of a mulitude of the otherwise idle, who has this power. Many of us read what we read because someone recommended it to us.

With regular postings we hope not to merely recommend worthwhile books but to intrigue you, to give you some reason to seriously consider these books.

Not every book discussed will be to your taste—we’ll range from the high-lowbrow to the low-highbrow, and cover fiction as well as nonfiction—but I hope enough of what you see here will stimulate your interest.

Marshal Zeringue