Saturday, January 04, 2020

Top ten psychopathic crime & thriller characters

Max Manning started his career as a newspaper journalist in the United Kingdom, working for many years as a crime reporter before joining The Daily Telegraph in London as a news sub-editor. He is the author of Don’t Look Now and a psychological thriller, The Victim.

At The Strand Magazine Manning tagged his "top ten crime and thriller characters, good and evil, with psychopathic traits," including:
Jack Reacher (Jack Reacher series by Lee Child)

This may be a controversial choice but Reacher kills so many people in every novel, in such an efficient and matter-of-fact manner, he has to be on the psychopathic spectrum. Thankfully, he’s what you could describe as a ‘good psychopath”, and kills only those both he and we, the reader, believe deserve to die for their crimes. Psychopaths don’t feel fear, and Reacher is definitely fearless. As he says in 61 Hours, ‘I’m not afraid of death. Death’s afraid of me.’
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--Marshal Zeringue