Sunday, January 05, 2020

Coffee with a canine: Carlie Sorosiak & Dany

Featured at Coffee with a Canine: Carlie Sorosiak & Dany.

The author, on how Dany got her name:
My husband and I are huge Game of Thrones fans. Dany’s full name is Daenerys Dogaryen, Queen of the Iron Bone. She also responds to...[read on]
About Sorosiak's new novel I, Cosmo, from the publisher:
A golden retriever narrates a hilarious, heart-tugging tale of a dog and his humans as he tries to keep his family together while everything around them falls apart.

Ever since Cosmo became a big brother to Max ten years ago, he’s known what his job was: to protect his boy and make him happy. Through many good years marked by tennis balls and pilfered turkey, torn-up toilet paper and fragrant goose poop, Cosmo has doggedly kept his vow. Until recently, his biggest problems were the evil tutu-wearing sheepdog he met on Halloween and the arthritis in his own joints. But now, with Dad-scented blankets appearing on the couch and arguing voices getting louder, Cosmo senses a tougher challenge ahead. When Max gets a crazy idea to teach them both a dance routine for a contest, how can Cosmo refuse, stiff hips or no? Max wants to remind his folks of all the great times they’ve had together dancing — and make them forget about the “d” word that’s making them all cry. Told in the open, optimistic, unintentionally humorous voice of a golden retriever, I, Cosmo will grab readers from the first page — and remind them that love and loyalty transcend whatever life throws your way.
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Coffee with a Canine: Carlie Sorosiak & Dany.

--Marshal Zeringue