Tuesday, July 03, 2018

Five of the best books about tennis

Benjamin Markovits is an author and critic. His new novel is A Weekend in New York. One of five books about tennis the author recommended at the Guardian:
[H]ow do you lose and cope?

Agassi’s memoir, Open, is worth reading on this question. Written with the help of Pulitzer-winner JR Moehringer, it’s a smart, vivid and sometimes sentimental account of his life and career. Like most sporting memoirs, it mixes mantra-style philosophy with a kind of accountant’s fixation on small technical moments and details. “I hate tennis,” he confesses at the start, but the book complicates that picture. Like anything you do for a living that you do well, tennis at some point will absorb most of your thoughts and feelings, and the battles you fight in the game will stand for larger battles.
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--Marshal Zeringue