Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Five top books about artificial intelligence

Nick Harkaway is the author of a nonfiction work about digital culture, The Blind Giant: Being Human in a Digital World, and the novels The Gone-Away World, Angelmaker, Tigerman, and Gnomon. Harkaway happens to be the son of John Le Carré.

One of his five favorite books about AI, as shared at the Guardian:
[The] distinction between true AI and the powerful machine learning tools of Google and Amazon is tackled head-on by Hector Levesque in Common Sense, the Turing Test, and the Quest for Real AI. A professor emeritus in the computer science department at the University of Toronto, Levesque fearlessly zips us through John Searle’s “Chinese room” argument and the problem of common sense before delving deeper to the complexities of the “Winograd Schema”. Don’t be alarmed: this book makes everything clear.
Read about another entry on the list.

--Marshal Zeringue