Monday, January 02, 2017

What is Thomas Perry reading?

Featured at Writers Read: Thomas Perry, author of The Old Man.

His entry begins:
The reader will just have to trust me on this one in spite of the obvious connection: Jo Perry's Dead is Better is a terrific book, published by Fahrenheit Press. It's the first book of what is already a trilogy about a man named Charles who wakes up in the afterlife with bullets in his belly and accompanied by a scrawny dog he's never seen in life. He wonders about the afterlife--"Is this my dog? Does everybody get a dog?" He names the dog Rose, and the two of them go into the world of the living to figure out who killed him. In the second book, Dead is Best, it's a couple of earth years later and...[read on]
About The Old Man, from the publisher:
From Edgar Award–winning author Thomas Perry, comes a whip-smart and lethally paced stand-alone novel, The Old Man.

To all appearances, Dan Chase is a harmless retiree in Vermont with two big mutts and a grown daughter he keeps in touch with by phone. But most sixty-year-old widowers don’t have multiple driver’s licenses, savings stockpiled in banks across the country, and a bugout kit with two Beretta Nanos stashed in the spare bedroom closet. Most have not spent decades on the run. Thirty-five years ago, as a young hotshot in army intelligence, Chase was sent to Libya to covertly assist a rebel army. When the plan turned sour, Chase reacted according to his own ideas of right and wrong, triggering consequences he never could have anticipated. And someone still wants him dead because of his actions. Just as he had begun to think himself finally safe, Chase must reawaken his survival instincts to contend with the history he has spent his adult life trying to escape.

Armed mercenaries, spectacularly crashed cars, a precarious love interest, and an unforgettable chase scene through the snow—this is lethal plotting from one of the best in crime fiction.
Learn more about the book and author at Thomas Perry's website and Facebook page.

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