Monday, October 03, 2016

Six top YA novels that subvert the mean girl trope

At the BN Teen blog, Jenny Kawecki tagged six YA novels that "take your stereotypical mean girl and give her agency, motives, an inner life," including:
Some Girls Are, by Courtney Summers

She has it all: a spot on top of the social ladder, a handful of socially powerful friends, even a mean girl name: Regina Afton. But when rumors fly that she slept with her best friend’s boyfriend, all her cachet is lost. Abandoned by her friends, Regina has to deal with the ugly truth of what really happened on the night in question, and navigate being cast down among the people she used to bully, including the surprisingly cute Michael. There’s nothing like the turning of the tables to make a girl reconsider everything she thought she knew.
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Some Girls Are is among Dahlia Adler's top five dark YA novels for Heathers fans and top five YA books told from the bully’s perspective.

The Page 69 Test: Some Girls Are.

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