Friday, January 02, 2015

Top ten giraffes in children's books

Dianne Hofmeyr grew up on the tip of Southern Africa. An art teacher, she has written teenage novels and picture books, and has won the M-Net Award for fiction, as well as two IBBY Honor Books. Her books include Zeraffa Giraffa, The Faraway Island, The Star Bearer and The Magic Bojabi Tree.

At the Guardian she tagged ten top giraffes in children's books, including:
Zarafa by Michael Allin

No list of books on giraffes would be complete without this one for much older readers that tells the story of the giraffe that my picture book Zeraffa Giraffa, is based on. Captured in the Sudan and sent by the Pasha, Muhammed Ali, as a diplomatic gift to the King of France, she was only the second giraffe to have been seen in Europe. The book is full of fascinating detail and describes the giraffe mania that took hold of Paris where women coiled their hair so high in an attempt to emulate the giraffe that they had to lie down in their carriages.
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--Marshal Zeringue