Sunday, May 12, 2013

Ten of the best fictional mothers

In 2011 the Observer came up with a list of the ten best fictional mothers, including:
Marilla Cuthbert
Anne of Green Gables

When siblings Matthew and Marilla Cuthbert adopt a boy from an orphanage to help out on Green Gables farm, they are not expecting the arrival in Avonlea of red-headed Anne Shirley. At first, Marilla ... doesn’t take to Anne’s incessant chatter and fanciful notions, but she is soon charmed by the girl’s impetuous good nature. Marilla emerges from LM Montgomery’s wonderful books as a devoted adoptive mother, always ready to dispense homespun wisdom and recipes for the perfect plum puff.
Read about another literary mother on the list.

Marilla's raspberry cordial in Anne of Green Gables is one of Jane Brocket's top ten food scenes in children's literature.

--Marshal Zeringue