Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Pg. 99: Clive Emsley's "Soldier, Sailor, Beggarman, Thief"

Today's feature at the Page 99 Tests: Soldier, Sailor, Beggarman, Thief: Crime and the British Armed Services since 1914 by Clive Emsley.

About the book, from the publisher:
The belief that crime declines at the beginning of major wars, as young men are drawn into the armed forces, and increases with the restoration of peace, as brutalised veterans are released on to a labour market reorganising for peace, has a long pedigree in Britain. But it has rarely been examined critically and scarcely at all for the period of the two world wars of the twentieth century. This is the first serious investigation of criminal offending by members of the British armed forces both during and immediately after these wars. Its particular focus is the two world wars but, recognising the concerns and the problems voiced in recent years about veterans of the Falklands, the Gulf wars, and the campaign in Afghanistan, Clive Emsley concludes his narrative in the present.
Learn more about Soldier, Sailor, Beggarman, Thief at the Oxford University Press website.

The Page 99 Tests: Soldier, Sailor, Beggarman, Thief.

--Marshal Zeringue