Tuesday, June 01, 2010

What is Dennis Tafoya reading?

The current featured contributor at Writers Read: Dennis Tafoya, author of Dope Thief and The Wolves of Fairmount Park.

His entry begins:
I'm currently in the middle of Don DeLillo's Point Omega, which is hypnotic and strange, with little bits of beauty and lots of epistemology, the way I think of all the DeLillo I've read. I love his book Libra - it's one of the books I re-read every year. I use it to remember how to write when I'm blocked, and every time I read a few pages, it teaches me how the job of fiction writing is done, the way I want to do it.

Point Omega is about a kind of month-long lost weekend, in which a documentary filmmaker visits the desert home of a reclusive academic and risk analyst named Elster, who has been involved in Iraq war planning, and the young man is there to convince the older man to be in a documentary film project (every time the film project is discussed it's impossible not to think of Errol Morris's amazing Fog of War featuring the elder, fading Robert McNamara finally coming to terms with his own role in history).

Elster talks in strange ellipses and, preoccupied with time and perception, and he seems like a ghost of one of the dark plotters of Libra, so consumed with...[read on]
Among the advance praise for The Wolves of Fairmount Park, which releases this month:
“Dennis Tafoya returns with The Wolves of Fairmount Park, a dark and lyrical novel filled with passion, heartbreak, gorgeous imagery, and devious twists. Brilliant and beautiful.”
--Jonathan Maberry, internationally bestselling author of The Dragon Factory
Dennis Tafoya was born in Philadelphia and attended Oberlin College. He dropped out and worked a series of jobs, including housepainter, hospital orderly and EMT before starting a career in industrial sales. He began writing poetry, publishing stories in journals, and then started work on Dope Thief, his acclaimed debut novel.

Learn more about the author and his work at Dennis Tafoya's website.

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