Monday, July 14, 2008

Steven Wilson's "Armada," the movie

Now showing at My Book, The Movie: Steven Wilson's Armada.

About Armada, from the publisher:
1944: The Allies have landed in Europe, driving the Germans back in a relentless march towards Berlin. Inside the Nazi Command, many foresee the demise of the Third Reich.

But others will do anything for the sake of victory…

U-Boat Captain Guenter Kern is one of the most respected and feared commanders in the Kreigsmarine. His loyalty to his officers and crew is legendary, as is his skill as an underwater warrior. But he knows that the chances of a German victory are slim —until he is ordered to take a radical new submarine on a desperate mission to the shores of England. It is a mission that could save his homeland from utter defeat—and unleash a nightmare unlike anything in the annals of war.

The fate of the Allies rests in the hands of eccentric British Navy Captain George Hardy. Regarded as a madman by some, but respected as a genius in anti-submarine warfare by those who serve with him, Hardy leads his small, weary flotilla into a deadly contest against the determined Kern and his untested, unpredictable U-boats. Above and below the vast surface of the turbulent North Atlantic, the deadliest of enemies are about to engage their final battle….
Wilson's My Book, The Movie entry opens:
I grew up with movies and my brother and I could tell which studio (back when studios were factories) produced a movie by the sounds used from their libraries. Warner Bros. gunshots were distinct from Paramount, as were MGM's from Republic's. It is a little like recognizing a composer from their music characteristics.

Since Armada, was the last of a series (President Lincoln's Spy came out since then), I'm going to cast this book. I gave Tom Wilkinson the role of Captain Hardy. A superb actor, he can play gruff with a great deal of sensitivity. For Edland, I choose....[read on]
Read the prologue to Armada, and learn more about the author and his work at Steven Wilson's website.

Steven Wilson is Curator and Assistant Director of the Abraham Lincoln Library and Museum, which houses one of the most diverse Lincoln and Civil War collections in the country. His books include Between the Hunters and the Hunted, President Lincoln's Spy, and Voyage of the Gray Wolves.

My Book, The Movie: Armada.

--Marshal Zeringue