Thursday, January 11, 2024

Five top thrillers with social commentary

Amber and Danielle Brown both graduated from Rider University where they studied Communications / Journalism and sat on the editorial staff for the On Fire!! literary journal. They then pursued a career in fashion and spent five years in NYC working their way up, eventually managing their own popular fashion and lifestyle blog. Amber is also a screenwriter, so they live in LA, which works out perfectly so Danielle can spoil her plant babies with copious amount of sunshine. Perfect Little Lives is their latest novel.

At CrimeReads the authors tagged five great thrillers that balance suspense with social commentary. One title on the list:
All The Sinners Bleed by S.A. Cosby

All of S.A. Cosby’s novels have something interesting to say about society while being wrapped in a tight, page-turning narrative, but All The Sinners Bleed is truly a masterpiece when it comes to delicately addressing two of the most buzzed about political topics right now: school shootings and black kids being killed by white police officers.

In this story, the main character—the first responder who is called to deal with the tragedy—is a black sheriff in a small, racist town. The suspense builds once we follow the sheriff as he tries to figure out why this seemingly innocent student suddenly decided to shoot up the school. But this is not your average mystery novel narrated by a detective. The character work is steep and layered. The book also doesn’t harp on the topics it brings up, it throws them out there and then allows you to have the discussion, which is exactly S.A. Cosby’s style.
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All The Sinners Bleed is among Publishers Weekly's best mysteries and thrillers of 2023.

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