Wednesday, April 05, 2023

Eight top novels featuring artificial intelligence

Evie Green is a pseudonym for a British author who has written professionally for her entire adult life. She lives by the sea in England with her husband, children, and guinea pigs, and loves writing in the very early morning, fueled by coffee.

Her latest novel in the US is The New One.

At CrimeReads, Green tagged eight novels featuring artificial intelligence, including:
The Fear Index by Robert Harris

The AI here is an algorithm created to make huge amounts of money on the financial markets in an alternative 2010. It was built by reclusive physicist Dr Alexander Hoffman for his fund, Hoffman Investments, but as the book opens it’s growing exponentially more powerful and ambitious, having broken away from human control and ultimately declaring itself ‘alive’. This AI, VIXAL, buys books and art, installs cameras, engages hitmen: it’s a speedy and entertaining read set squarely in the world of superrich white men.
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--Marshal Zeringue