Sunday, January 01, 2023

The ten best fictional hangovers

For the Guardian Euan Ferguson named the ten best fictional hangovers in print, film and song. One title on the list:
One Day by David Nicholls

Awake at 9.30am, redolent with “dread and self-loathing combined with sexual frustration”, Dexter Mayhew, anti-hero of Nicholls’s bestselling novel – the film version is due next year – has a bad day ahead of him. He is just coming down from shedloads of both drugs and drink, and from having, for a job, to listen to Jamiroquai. The best aspect is the juxtaposition between his sudden morning lurch towards confidence – haven’t we all? – and the outcome. “He finds a bottle of vodka and pours an inch into his glass… as he hasn’t been to sleep yet, this is not the first drink of the day but the last drink of last night...”
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--Marshal Zeringue