Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Seven top books about family dynamics

Salley Vickers's newest novel is The Librarian.

One of the author's favorite books about family dynamics, as shared at the Guardian:
William Maxwell is a monstrously underrated American writer whose Time Will Darken It describes with excruciating psychological deftness the disintegration of a marriage brought about by a man’s unquenchable need to please and be seen as amiable to a set of distant relatives who once helped his father. The arrival of the relations for an extended visit brings nemesis in the shape of an ardent young woman who falls for her host, causing a lasting rupture in a formerly happy marriage.

The irony is that the object of her affections by no means falls for her but his fear of being disobliging overrides his care for his own and his wife’s happiness. A stark reminder that charity begins at home.
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--Marshal Zeringue