Friday, May 11, 2018

What is Stacey Filak reading?

Featured at Writers Read: Stacey Filak, author of The Queen Underneath.

Her entry begins:
The question put forth is ‘What is Stacey Filak reading?’ Unfortunately, the answer at this moment is almost nothing. Between the release of my book, The Queen Underneath, a particularly busy time for my kids with sports, and my day-job, I’m finding myself too distracted to delve into much, at the moment. So, instead I’ll share a few of the books that I’ve recently loved, as well as the book I’m going to read, as soon as my brain settles down.

I recently finished The Changeling by Victor LaValle. Part murder mystery, part suspense thriller, and part fairy tale, LaValle has created a story that will live in my mind for years to come. The main character, Apollo Kagwa, faces an unbelievable horror – a tragedy that no parent should ever have to endure – and that is both the beginning and end of a fairy tale. The first fairy tale, the sanitized, perfect life that Apollo believes he’s cultivated comes to an end when the second, darker, far more deadly fairy tale...[read on]
About The Queen Underneath, from the publisher:
In a city on the brink of war, it isn't a king that the people need to save them—but a thief queen from Under.

Yigris is a world divided—where aristocrats in Above rule from grand palaces, and thieves, sex workers, and assassins reign in the shadowy tunnels of Under. When the leaders of Above and Under are both murdered on the same night, the fissure between the two opposite worlds grows and suspicion threatens to break the tenuous peace.

Gemma, a former orphan-thief and new queen of Under, and Tollan, heir to the Above throne, must salvage a truce to rescue the city. But they soon discover that the conflict is far bigger than two murders, as the city falls into an enchanted sleep and a cage of deadly brambles slowly ensnares the streets, buildings, and tunnels of both districts. With the fate of Yigris at stake, only Gemma and Tollan have the power to prevent another civil war from tearing their world apart forever.
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--Marshal Zeringue