Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Ten YA novels that celebrate the power of internet connection

At the BN Teen Blog Dahlia Adler tagged ten YA novels that celebrate the way the internet connects us, including:
Life by Committee, by Corey Ann Haydu

Tabitha’s growing up, and her friends don’t seem to like the way she’s doing it. Sorry, her former friends; Tabitha’s flying pretty solo these days. Which makes having the delicious secret of her flirtation with Joe an utterly painful thing to endure, especially with Joe’s girlfriend in the way. Needing to discuss her romantic drama with someone, Tab turns to Life By Committee, an internet forum that lets you share your secrets with strangers and receive advice in return—advice you’re expected to take whether you like it or not. As she falls down the black hole of letting LBC run her life, Tabitha has to assess which is braver: taking the bold advice of strangers or trusting your own gut.
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--Marshal Zeringue