Friday, December 23, 2016

What is C.S. Quinn reading?

Featured at Writers Read: C.S. Quinn, author of Dark Stars (The Thief Taker Series).

Her entry begins:
I’m currently reading the script of Nell Gwynn by Jessica Swale, an award-winning play performed at the Globe Theatre. I only wish...[read on]
About Dark Stars, from the publisher:
The Great Fire has reduced London to smouldering embers. From the ashes, thief taker Charlie Tuesday is drawn to investigate a string of strange murders. Mutilated corpses are washing up at Deptford, each marked with a dire astrological prediction. But only London’s best crime-solver realises the killer’s deadly offerings will soon unleash a devastating force on England.

With the help of Lily Boswell, a gypsy street-girl with a knife and a grudge, Charlie must find the killer and put a stop to the murders. And by doing so, the Thief Taker will find the man whose terrible destiny is entwined with his, their fates written in the dark stars…
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--Marshal Zeringue