Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Ten top examples of dialogue in crime fiction

Andrew Martin’s new novel is The Yellow Diamond. At the Guardian he tagged ten of the best examples of dialogue in crime fiction, including:
Be Cool by Elmore Leonard

This is the second book concerning the misadventures in showbiz of Chili Palmer, who is encountered here getting off on the wrong foot with the dangerous Raji:
‘You wear your shades at night,’ Chili said, ‘so I’ll think you’re cool, but I can’t tell if you’re looking at me.’

Raji put his glasses down on his nose, down and up. ‘See? I’m looking the fuck right at you, man. You have something to say to me fuckin say it so we be done here.’
It’s the sudden lurch towards confrontation that Leonard’s so good at.
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--Marshal Zeringue