Monday, August 03, 2015

What is Frankie Y. Bailey reading?

Featured at Writers Read: Frankie Y. Bailey, author of What the Fly Saw.

Her entry begins:
I’d like to say I’m reading a literary classic or a terrific mystery. But the truth is my fiction reading is on hold until I can get away on vacation later this summer. Until then I’m going to focus on reading related to a non-fiction book I’m writing about clothing and crime. On my desk right now: The Politics of Fashion in Eighteenth Century America by Kate Haulman and Sensory Worlds in Early America by Peter Charles Hoffer. I’m also working on a historical thriller set in 1939. I’m reading about the New York City World’s Fair and the royal visit and the premier of Gone with the Wind in Atlanta. Luckily, I happen to...[read on]
About What the Fly Saw, from the publisher:
Frankie Bailey introduced readers to an exciting new protagonist in The Red Queen Dies, the first book in the Detective Hannah McCabe mystery series. Now in What the Fly Saw, Hannah and her partner Mike Baxter are back with an even more puzzling case.

Albany, New York, January 2020

The morning after a blizzard that shut down the city, funeral director Kevin Novak is found dead in the basement of his funeral home. The arrow sticking out of his chest came from his own hunting bow.

A loving husband and father and an active member of a local megachurch, Novak has no known enemies. His family and friends say he was depressed because his best friend died suddenly of a heart attack and Novak blamed himself. But what does his guilt have to do with his death? Maybe nothing, maybe a lot. The minister of the megachurch and the psychiatrist who provides counseling to church members--do either of them know more than they are saying?

Detective Hannah McCabe and her partner, Mike Baxter, sort through lies and evasions to solve the riddle of Novak's death, while unanswered questions from another high-profile case, and McCabe's own suspicions make for a dynamite crime novel.
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