Sunday, March 15, 2015

What is Andrew Klavan reading?

Featured at Writers Read: Andrew Klavan, author of Werewolf Cop.

His entry begins:
The Little Stranger, a novel by Sarah Waters. I’m a ghost story fanatic. I love them. But the genre is so difficult to do well, especially in long form. A ghost story’s effect has to be subtle: not horror or shock or disgust, but just a shudder at the crisis point, then a fine, long chill afterward. That’s why most really great ghost stories are short stories like "The Monkey’s Paw" or "The Room in the Tower" or "Children of the Corn" or just about anything by M.R. James. But The Little Stranger is different. It’s...[read on]
About Werewolf Cop, from the publisher:
From Edgar Award-winning and New York Times bestselling author Andrew Klavan, a supernatural thriller about a good cop in the grips of an evil curse. In the tradition of Dexter and The Shield, the first in a riveting trilogy about a crime-fighter on a quest to control the beast within.

Zach Adams is one of the best detectives in the country. Nicknamed Cowboy, he’s a soft-spoken homicide detective from Houston known for his integrity and courage under fire. He serves on a federal task force that has a single mission: to hunt down Dominic Abend, a European gangster who has taken over the American underworld.

After a brutal murder gives them a lead, Zach and his tough guy NYPD partner Martin Goulart feel like they’re finally on Abend’s trail. But things get complicated—and very, very weird. Goulart’s on-the-job enemies are accusing him of corruption. And Zach is beginning to suspect that Abend’s evil goes beyond crime—perhaps to the edge of the supernatural. As his investigation continues in Germany, Zach finds himself lured into the impossible. In a centuries-old forest under a full moon, a beast assaults him, cursing him forever. In the aftermath, Zach is transformed into something horrible—something deadly.

Now, the good cop has innocent blood on his hands. He has killed—and he will kill again—in the form of a beast who can’t be controlled or stopped. Before he can free himself, he’s going to have to solve the greatest mystery of all: How can you defeat evil when the evil is inside you?
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Writers Read: Andrew Klavan.

--Marshal Zeringue