Friday, April 26, 2013

Top 10 books about being different

Gillian Cross won the 1990 Carnegie Medal for Wolf and the 1992 Whitbread Children's Book Award for The Great Elephant Chase.

For the Guardian she named her top ten books that throw everything you think you know upside down.

One title on the list:
Small Island by Andrea Levy

A completely different kind of book about immigration. It's told by four distinctive characters: Gilbert and Hortense, from Jamaica, who are hoping for new opportunities in Britain; warm-hearted Queenie Bligh; and her racist husband, Bernard. Because it's set in a real place and time – Britain in 1948 – it gives a longer perspective on immigration. Whatever our roots are, all four characters are separated from us by the passage of time and the huge changes in culture since 1948.
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Small Island is among Martin Fletcher's five best books on nations & lives in transition.

--Marshal Zeringue