Sunday, April 03, 2011

What is Ben Kane reading?

Today's featured contributor at Writers Read: Ben Kane, author of The Forgotten Legion trilogy: The Forgotten Legion, The Silver Eagle, and The Road to Rome.

His entry begins:
I've been lucky recently, and managed to read several novels back to back. Normally, thanks to my writing and a young family, I manage one novel perhaps every 4 months. One of the recent treasures I've read is The Blade Itself, the first book of a wonderful trilogy by Joe Abercrombie. I've not read much fantasy since I was a boy, but this came so highly recommended by friends and on Amazon threads that I went for it. I wasn't disappointed either. Written from the standpoint of half a dozen or more characters, Abercrombie's writing is fast-paced, gritty and full of black humor. The fact that one of the main characters is a thoughtful torturer (with a tiny amount of remaining conscience) might give you....[read on]
Among the praise for The Road to Rome:
"Strong characters hack and slash their way through this Roman sword and sandal epic, the third book in Kane's ancient Rome series (after The Silver Eagle). Former slaves Romulus and Fabiola are twin brother and sister, and now he is a Roman legionnaire serving in Caesar's army, and she is Brutus's lover. Fabiola is consumed with hatred of Caesar for past crimes against her family, and while she begins a risky plot to kill the emperor, Romulus and his friend Tarquinius engage in brutal combat in Egypt and North Africa. When the twins and Tarquinius are finally reunited in Rome, violence, bloodshed, and the threat of betrayal stalk them every day, with Romulus shocked at his sister's plan to kill the man he serves, and Tarquinius divining a tragedy on the Ides of March. Kane is a natural storyteller, merging suspense and intrigue with graphic battlefield scenes and historical color into a ripping story that will please series fans and new converts alike."
--Publishers Weekly
Learn more about the book and author at Ben Kane's website and blog.

Writers Read: Ben Kane.

--Marshal Zeringue